Elena Gabriela Ruze – Danka Kovinich: forecast and rate of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Elena Gabriela Ruze and Danka Kovinich will meet on the court as part of the ITF tournament in Dubai. Will the Romanian be able to surprise again?

Elena Gabriela Ruse

Ruze cannot boast of dizzying progress, but every season the tennis player only performs more stable and gradually moves up the ranking. This year Elena has repeatedly tried her hand at prestigious tournaments. In most cases, the Romanian failed, but gained experience.

Ruze prefers to fight on profile ground. But the tennis player has in her arsenal everything she needs to get results on hard. Elena does not get hung up on defense, she is not afraid to take the initiative, to enter the court and aggravate. If from the backhand the Romanian only keeps the ball in the court, then from the forehand she is able to quickly complete the rallies. Elena feels especially confident against attacking opponents, as she knows how to bring down the pace and rhythm of the match. But the girl needs to improve in all aspects in order to be able to perform at the WTA level.

Danka Kovinich

Kovinic has been fighting injuries throughout his career. There has not yet been a season when the girl spent the entire segment and did not miss several months due to another injury. The representative of Montenegro is only 26 years old, but she has already started everything from scratch several times and returned to a high level. In terms of potential, Danka can easily stay in the top 50, however, the tennis player is extremely dependent on coverage and gains most of the rating points on clay.

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On fast courts, Kovinich forces herself to play more aggressively, but she has no strength at all in strikes. And in such a game, the tennis player feels insecure, making many unusual mistakes. On the ground, Danka can give a fight to any opponent, since he acts viscously on the back line, takes out the most difficult balls and plays in a variety of ways.

Analysis of the fight

Both girls gravitate towards the ground. But in Dubai we played two matches and looked very good, especially for Ruze. Of course, the Romanian was lucky that Mladenovic was injured and starred in the first set, but in that match Elena did not look like an outsider. In the upcoming meeting there will be a large number of protracted exchanges of blows. Kovinic serves better, but Ruze outperforms his opponent in attacking potential. In addition, the Romanian woman is on the edge. Roza won’t leave the court without a fight, she can fight Kovinich on hard.

I propose to bet on Ruza to win with a handicap (+1.5) in sets.

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